We are most thankful for all the commentaries, messages, suggestions and ideas we keep receiving after the conference, some quotes are now being posted here below. Please feel free to send your own comments to onceuponaplace@gmail.com

Em primeiro lugar, gostaria de felicitar a organização pelo enorme sucesso que esta conferencia internacional alcançou. Foi um prazer desfrutar das tão diversas leituras e temáticas que ao longo dos 3 dias tão ricas reflexões geraram." (Susana Barreto)

"Thank you for hosting the conference -- it was really fascinating and also challenged the conventional approach to deal with idea of Architecture." (Chu YinHua)

"I would personally like to thank you for allowing me to share my work with so many talented individuals, as well as for offering me the opportunity to witness their and your own work in action, too, and discuss about it." (Stylianos Giamarelos)

"Your curating the themes, the speakers, the venues and the dinners made a fantastic contribution to why we still want to do culture and to question the status quo. Your intellectual generosity and friendship have produced a very memorable event." (Marysia Lewandowska)

"I think this is the beginning to something that people will talk about and study in the future. I am thankful to have been a part of it." (Jimenez Lai)

"Thank you so much for the conference last week Ð it was a really inspirational shot in the arm!" (Edward Hollis)

"Éso many interesting people, around a very strong topic and with papers of very diverse approaches." (Pinar Balat)

"A wonderful conference, it was a fantastic opportunity to share ideas, meet some very interesting people and attend some great events. The organisation and programme was without doubt the best I have attended and I hope there are more events in the future." (Nick Dunn)

"An inspired initiative!" (J. G. Wallis De Vries)

"It was well conceived, well organised, and very well run...It was certainly one of the most intriguing and inspiring conferences I have attended in recent years!" (Naomi Stead)

"Great event, i must say it was one of the best conferences i ever attended + little nice things that made it even better: great setting, beautiful bag, etc. I really do hope the story will continueÉ" (Maros Krivy)

"The conference was truly a success and we were honoured to be a part of it." (Nathan Freise)

"It was a wonderful event, with a great vibe among a group of academics, sharing the same interests in the connections between architecture and literature. I used the metaphor of the Llubljana bridge in my presentation, as the multiperspectival space to bridge the gap between the two disciplines. In my experience, the conference proved that not only both sides, but especially the bridge itself can be a most lively and meaningful space." (Klaske Havik)

"Éa successful symposium. I think it's critical in defining this new movement emerging now." (Kazys Varnelis)

"The conference was AMAZING. One of the best in terms of level I've ever attended." (Véronique Plesch)

"There was (is) extremely interesting people out there (and out here) juggling the fruitful ideas of architecture and fiction." (Eduardo Côrte-Real)

"It's by far the best conference I've attended so far. Looking forward to a next one." (Luis Miguel Lus)

"...a wonderful conference, it was a fantastic opportunity to share ideas, meet some very interesting people and attend some great events." (Nick Dunn)
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