12 October
Local/Venue: Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Auditório 2

8h30 – Inscrições/Registration
9h – Abertura/Conference Opening:
: Manuel Salgado (CM-Lisboa), Fernando Moreira da Silva (CIAUD/FA.UTL), Véronique Plesch (IAWIS) and Pedro Gadanho (CUC/FAUP)

9h30 – Utopias and Dystopias
Moderador/Chair: Diogo Burnay

1. Squares and Scares: Architectural utopias, literary dystopias and the carceral novel - Jonathan Charley (Univ. Strathclyde, Glasgow)
2. Ferriss: Visions of Utopia - Alexandra Ai Quintas (CIAUD/FA.UTL)
3. Divided Cities: Mythologies of Place and Nostalgic Utopias - Anita Bakshi (Clare College, Univ. Cambridge)

11h00 – Pausa café/Coffee-break

11h30 – Stories From History
Moderador/Chair: Eduardo Côrte-Real

1. Gendering Fantasia: Architectural/Literary Creation/Procreation in Filarete’s Treatise on Architecture – Sevil Enginsoy Ekinci (Middle East Technical Univ., Ankara)
2. "I would like to live forever in this happy place with my divine Polia" – Fani Moumtzidou (Aristotle Univ., Thessaloniki)
3. The Secret Lives of Buildings: An experiment in building stories - Edward Hollis (Edinburgh College of Art)
4. The 'real' and the 'fictional' of obsolete industrial architecture - Maros Krivy (University of Helsinki)

13h30 – Almoço/Lunch

14h30 – City Narratives
Moderador/Chair: Gabriela Vaz Pinheiro

1. Stranger than Fiction - Alexander Eisenschmidtv (Univ. Illinois, Chicago)
2. A Linguistic Cosmos, Walter Benjamin: Reading the City-as-Text and Writing the Text-as-City - Pinar Balat (TU Delft)
3. Urban Scenarios: Gone Vacant, Virtual, and Violent - Graça Proença Correa (playwright, stage director / Graduate Center - City Univ. New York)
4. Architectural Postmodern World and Cities of Glass Revisited - Marija Lojanica + Jasmina Teodorovic (Faculty of Philology and Arts, Univ. Kragujevac)

Local/Venue: Museu da Electricidade, Sala dos Condensadores
18h00 – Palestra/Guest Lectures:

Gonçalo M. Tavares (Writer / Author)
Kazys Varnelis (Columbia University, NY)
This will kill that

13 October
Local/Venue:Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Auditório 2

9h00 – Literary Spaces
Moderador/Chair: Véronique Plesch

1. The Ambiguity of the Concrete: Architecture, Memory and Representation in W.G.Sebald’s 'Austerlitz' - Naomi Stead (ATCH, Univ. Queensland)
2. The Double-Bind of Fictional Lives: Architecture and Writing in George Perec’s Life, A User’s Manual - J. Kent Fitzsimons (Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture et Paysage, Bordeaux)
3. The Bernhardian Cachectonica: figures of architectural discomfort and distress in Thomas Bernhard’s fiction - João Borges da Cunha (Univ. Católica Portuguesa / Lisbon Consortium, Univ. Lusófona)

10h30 – Pausa café/Coffee-break

11h00 – Architecture and Cinema
Moderador/Chair: José Neves

1. Mapping Interstices: understanding urban conditions through the lived experience of societal margins depicted in films - Nick Dunn (Manchester School of Architecture)
2. Around Eisenstein’s Glass House: elements for a cultural history of transparency in film - Teresa Castro (Univ. Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris 3)
3. Filming Budapest: Peripheral visions between cinema and urban politics -Levente Polyak (Moholy-Nagy Univ. of Art and Design/Budapest UT)
4. Reel Houses of Horror: Emotions and Architecture in the 1960's Films Repulsion and The Haunting - Riley Triggs (Univ. of Texas, Austin)

13h00 – Almoço/Lunch

14h30 – Visual/Graphic Fictions
Moderador/Chair: Maria José Goulão

1. Staging Memories - YinHua Chu (Centre for Research and Education in Arts and Media, Univ. Westminster)
2. Territorial Journeys in the Magic Circle - Sean Pickersgill (Louis Laybourne Smith School of Architecture and Design, Univ. South Australia)
3. The Machine Stops - Nathan Freise + Adam Freise (designers, graphic artists, and filmmakers) with Shiouwen Hong (School of Visual Arts, New York)
4. The Spectacular Distortions- Jimenez Lai (Univ. Illinois, Chicago)

16h00 – Pausa café/Coffee-break

16h30 – Science Fiction Architectures
Moderador/Chair: Rui Zink

1. The Critique Of The Architecture Of Gated Communities Through J.G.Ballard’s Literature - Zeynep Tuna Ultav (Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, Izmir Univ. of Economics)
2. Welcome 2D Future: Comics and the transmediatic construction of the City of the Future -Luis M. Lus Arana (Univ.Navarra/G.S.A.S., Harvard Univ.)
3. The Vibra Sequencer - Inês Lopes Moreira (FA.UTL)

18h00 – Auditório 2, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian
Palestra/Guest Lectures:

Alberto Manguel, Autor e ensaísta/Author and essayist /Presented by Eduardo Marçal Grilo (FCG)

21h30 – Museu da Electricidade, Sala dos Geradores
Conferência-Espectáculo/Special Conference:

François Schuiten & Benoît Peeters
L’AVENTURE DES IMAGES: Architectures imaginaires

14 October
10h30 – Faculdade de Arquitectura UTL, CUBO

Jane Rendell


14:00h – Design from Fiction
Moderador/Chair: Jane Rendell

1. Metamorphosis. On the Role of Fiction in Architectural Education - Gijs Wallis de Vries (Faculty of Architecture, Univ. of Eindhoven)
2. Writing Place:“Prescription” as an operational concept in urban research and practice - Klaske Maria Havik (TU Delft)
3. Making through Destruction: Disorderly Architecture and Vandalism - John Szot (Design Principal, Studio John Szot/Partner, Brooklyn Digital Foundry) + Irene Hwang (Partner, Constructing Communication CC), presented by John Szot
4. The Struggle for Representation: An Architect Inside Mark Z. Danielewki's 'House of Leaves' - Stylianos Giamarelos (MArch NTUA, Dept. Philosophy and History of Science, Univ. Athens)

16h00 – Pausa café/Coffee-break

16:30h – Discussão Final / Final Debate
Jane Rendell, Véronique Plesch, Liam Young, Diogo Burnay & others
Moderadores/Chairs: Pedro Gadanho + Susana Oliveira

18h00 – Museu da Electricidade, Sala dos Condensadores

Palestra/Guest Lectures:

Colin Fournier, (Bartlett School of Architecture)

Ângela Ferreira (Artist)

19h30 – Encerramento/Conference Closing
Susana Oliveira, Pedro Gadanho, Eduarda Lobato Faria, Francisco Agostinho e Pedro Rodrigues.

Local/Venue: Museu Berardo
Inauguração/Opening Lisbon Architecture Triennale 2010
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